Our Expertise

Clinical Review and Documentation

Clinical documents require a high level of accuracy, confidentiality and timeliness. Conquest Healthcare offers clinical review and documentation solutions that can keep the burden of data entry, triage operations, data validation and safekeeping of patient diagnoses, lab results, physical examination findings, patient medications, procedure requests and other arrangements for continuing care off your shoulders in a shorter timeframe.

Locally Licensed Registered Nurses

We have locally licensed registered nurses (RNs) who can help you manage, review, assess and ensure the accuracy of medical records through a series of validation and checking.  Our offshore clinical team can work with your physicians, nurse supervisors and other healthcare providers within your department. They keep integrity in mind at all times, and continue to adhere to federal and state regulations, client requirements and/or established workflows on a day-to-day basis.

Maintaining a High Level of Confidentiality

Healthcare is a highly regulated industry in the U.S. Our RNs are educated and trained to comply with federal and state regulations in relation to protecting sensitive patient health information. They remotely review health records and complete the documentation process in a secure electronic system as discrete data. You are assured that your clinical data are structured to be safe as we set stricter security controls within our operations.

Onboarding and Compliance

Healthcare onboarding is about clinical recruitment. Our staff can help you verify the credentials of candidates before the actual job offer. At the same time, they help new hires understand their responsibilities, as well as the organization’s protocols, to ensure a productive and positive pre-employment experience.

Faster Turnaround Time

Without commitment and attention to detail, onboarding may take several weeks or even months. This may also take a toll on a healthcare organization’s process of providing care as early as possible. At Conquest Healthcare, we are dedicated to helping you keep your operations firm and stable by making sure that we manage fast yet detailed onboarding and compliance processes.

Encouraging Loyalty and Excellence

A good onboarding process can make a huge difference in lowering attrition rate. This can also limit the cost of hiring new employees at a short amount of time. The good thing is, our onboarding staff can help you foster employee loyalty early on an employee’s journey. We help them understand how they contribute to the mission of providing care and saving lives which can also encourage an excellent work performance.

Medical Billing and Coding

Providing safe and efficient care would not be possible without people who work behind the scenes to review and process patient documents, evaluate medical data and process bills. At Conquest Healthcare, we have clinical and locally-licensed professionals based in the Philippines and the U.S. who can provide the detailed exercise of medical coding and billing at considerably lower costs.

Medical Coders

Medical coders are trained to translate physician reports into medical codes and extracting billable information for insurance companies to understand the medical services and/or procedures done to patients in order to accurately process their bills. Aside from having a keen eye for detail, medical coders are required to have a strong ethical standard to maintain patient confidentiality.

At Conquest Healthcare, we have experienced and certified medical coders who are knowledgeable in various medical codes, including CPT, HCPCS and ICD-10. Most of them finished a bachelor’s degree in either nursing, medical technology, occupational therapy, pharmacy or physical therapy, and have gone through the technical and ethical training required to become a medical coder. If you use advanced internal systems and tools, our medical coders would take just a few days to adapt to your system, allowing you to have a fast and efficient billing process.

Medical Billers

A medical biller uses the codes translated by medical coders to generate, process and timely submit bills and insurance claims for patients. They have completed specific training for the competent use of software, computer systems and calculators necessary to calculate data, update cash spreadsheets and run collection reports.

At Conquest Healthcare, we have experienced medical billers who have the knowledge of various insurance guidelines in the U.S., including Medicaid, Medicare, HMO/PPO and more. They are also familiar in various medical codes, are knowledgeable in various accounting and bookkeeping procedures and have the problem-solving skills, patience and attentiveness required to review multiple accounts and resolve appeals, discrepancies and denials in billing and collection.

International Recruitment Consulting

We offer International Recruitment Consulting that helps you customize your need to increase your pool of Registered Nurses. This should help you more so when the following situations arise:

Thorough Selection Process

We have a thorough selection process that ensures that the candidates you will receive for interview have the education, skills and work ethics necessary to succeed in a U.S. facility or any other international healthcare setting. We look for healthcare professionals who exceed the U.S. entry-level education standards so you will have additional workforce that can bring as much value to your organization as possible.

International Readiness

Upon choosing top candidates for job offer, we conduct background checks and verification processes to ensure that their credentials are factual, valid and at par with the U.S. standards. We handle all the paperwork required, including gathering authorizations and permits, for smooth transition and onboarding from their country to the United States. This means that aside from presenting a qualified candidate for you to sponsor, we’ll ensure that the selected nurses are thoroughly vetted prior to the processing of their work sponsorship.